Funding Solutions

Proven Track Record  Of Acquiring Capital

Our focus is helping clients navigate through the tedious and daunting steps in the funding process. We serve as the Outsourced CFO of your funding project.  Engaging Business2Banker Connection as your guide will make the difference between a loan decline or funding success!

The Client Experience

Provide Clarity

Where there is a knowledge gap, we provide a simple financial review in our Funding Readiness Quiz.

Provide A Roadmap

Where there is no clear path to success, we provide a process to progress by creating funding strategy.

Provide Rehabilitation

Where there is a history of funding prohibitors, we teach sound funding fundamentals and provide a Funding S.W.O.T analysis.

Provide Solutions

Where there is disillusionment, we find a funding matchmaker solution with a Safe funding partners

STEP 1: Discovery Meeting


Business2Banker will assist you every step of the way, starting from the initial discovery meeting.

Discovery Meeting Review Process:

  • Business Goals
  • Financial Background
  • Business Growth Strategy

STEP 2: Financial Analysis

After we learn about your goals and vision for growth, we then move to the Financial Analysis stage.

What’s Included

  • Funding SWOT Analysis
  • Business Growth Spectrum
  • Mitigate Issues That Would Derail Funding Approval

STEP 3: Application/Approval

We will help you navigate the funding process and settle you with a safe resource partner.

How We Make It Happen

  • Select Appropriate And Safe Funding Options
  • Provide Funding Partner Matchmaking Services
  • Provide Guidance Throughout the Loan Submission and Review Process

STEP 4: Loan Closing/Funding

Our commitment to make sure you get the funding you need goes all the way through loan closing and funding.

Loan Closing includes:

  • Ensure Loan Approval Process Moves Forward Efficiently
  • Help Negotiate Best Loan Terms
  • Ensure Closing Documentation Requirements Are Met
  • Final Destination…Funding!

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