Our Who & Our Truth

Our sound financial strategies and solutions are applicable to everybody, they are available to anybody, and we believe we were sent specifically to serve somebody.

We have kindred spirits with women-owned, minority-owned, and Christian-owned business owners because we are deeply aligned in all these tribes. Yet, we are here to assist any business owner looking for a funding navigator and matchmaker. 

Our Why

The average business owner finds it extremely difficult to obtain, and in many cases maintain access to capital. Clients find value in having an experienced funding navigator guide them to a successful outcome.  We believe people suffer in silence, praying for help and hope regarding this critical business pain point. Business2Banker Connection strives to be the answer to as many prayers as possible.


Our What

It’s really Simple:

We Educate

Our When

Consistently and Continuously


Our Where

We serve clients from Coast- to-Coast


Our How

Utilizing 20-years bank lending experience, we steer clients to safe funding solutions which enable companies to stabilize and scale using sustainable strategies. Business2Banker Connection has the same level expertise as your go-to banker, but with a wider array of resource partner options to obtain approvals and get funding done.


Expanding Our Teaching Reach

We are excited to expand our teaching reach as we provide training for corporate,
government and business association constituency groups.